What We Do

Why choose a Guardian Laminar Flow Integrated Ceiling System represented by CEG?

#1 – Risk

We make it simple for everyone involved. The Guardian Laminar Flow modular integrated approach is pre-engineered (including OPA numbers for California OSHPD hospital projects), pre-coordinated and comprehensive. This eliminates the risk of costly and time consuming design conflicts for architects, engineers and contractors, and ultimately provides the owner with a project that stays on budget and schedule.

#2 – Responsibility

Unlike the competition, we take responsibility for the entire design and installation of the integrated ceiling and provide a single source solution. We offer design, installation and service for the entire system, including structural and seismic supports (with OPA numbers), mechanical systems, air filtration elements, general illumination and architectural surfaces and details.

#3 – Cost

The simplicity of the modular integrated design is efficient to specify, deliver and install. This allows us to provide superior quality without placing a premium on the price. We do not waste time and money resolving conflicts between products that were not designed to be used together.

#4 – Energy Savings

Flexible operating schedules and our extremely low air pressure drop results in significant energy savings with a lower ownership cost than competing systems. Lighting systems utilize high-efficiency fixtures including LED technology.

#5 – Effectiveness

Our unique laminar flow design produces exceptionally low turbulence and aspiration, exceptionally high uniformity, and ultra clean conditions in the sterile field.

#6 – Flexibility

We recognize the owner’s need for a future proof operating room, laboratory or cleanroom. Our design provides the flexibility necessary to make changes quickly, cleanly, and easily to accommodate emerging technologies.

#7 – Quality

The components of our system are of the highest quality materials. With powder coated 20 gauge sheet metal back panels, 6061 T6 structural aluminum connectors, and all fasteners and exposed surfaces made of stainless steel, our systems are built to last.